Magic Okaino is a visionary, a thinker, a mystic. Going against preconceived notions of expectations, he is not one to pigeon-hole himself into any formulaic style. Instead, he focuses on harnessing the individuality of each track he writes, ultimately bringing a diverse and left-field take on the Hip Hop genre.

Okaino's laid-back and relaxed attitude towards life shines through in his lyrics, which are conveyed and executed with honesty. Stylistically, he is unpredictable, fiercely unrelenting, and fueled by the brutal expressiveness of raw emotion. Deep, introspective and thematic beats are run against his laid-back and comical attitude towards life. This creates a unique juxtaposition; with each track providing you with little ‘pieces’ of the puzzle he calls his life.


Music has been a part of Magic’s upbringing for as long as he can remember, dabbling with recording at just 11 years of age. His appetite for beatmaking was nurtured from a young age, even going so far as interning at a recording studio as a sound engineer to soak up as much knowledge as he could within a short amount of time.

Today, Magic now has an impressive 20 projects, all of which have been independently released on his Bandcamp. Magic has plenty in the pipeline including a forthcoming project entitled ‘S.M.D’ that is lined up for release this year.