Amber London - Nebula (Okaino Chop Session)


Back to it how I normally do it. Doing the "blog" thing has me feeling inspired and ready to go.  I happend to see Ms. Amber London dropped her mixtape Life II Death. Cranked it and it was bumpin as expected.

So with that I decided id do something ive never done before and record myself preparing the chops for a record which i chose off "Life II Death", and the song was entitled "Nebula".


 I recorded and performed all procedures live. Basically what happens is I will go through a song find the parts of the song that i like and do with them as i please. Normally in most cases i do this for songs im attempting to sample from, and arrange beats around.

In the case for the Okaino Chop videos so far that I have done.. I have chosen to chop whole (complete) songs and sample the songs within themselves in a more rearrangement style.

What I love about this Amber London record is the bass. Its not the bout played out boomin 808 kick abused in trap music, but its that ridin low bass that actually has a bassline that rattles the subs. The song in general is a well put together song. Excellent mid tempo banger to open up her project. 


The idea with the pads are that they are on banks, and u can fill them up with different sounds. In the case of this video where im chopping im manually going to each part of the song retrieving the exact place of the sound that i like, and play it back.

Should i like it i keep it. Assign it to the pad if not i keep it moving and find something else that i like that i want. I cant get too deep into music production right here but the key to what im doing is to be able to find parts that allow me to alter the flow of the song as well assist me in keeping the song running.

11/25/15 *Im traveling right now but I plan to upload the actual audio for you to hear later today


11/28/15 Thank God for some wifi! Here we go!