Dabbin On Hoes (Dab On Em) (Freezing In Hell)


This was the last song recorded for the “Freezing In Hell” project. It also happens to be the last song in the arrangement. This song sort of just came about at the right time. Around the fall of 2015 the "Dab" (dance) became very popular with everyone in our viral monkey-see-monkey-do society, and right now everybody does the move. 

I've heard songs where they reference the Dab and it’s obvious that a lot of people don't really know what a Dab is. Just go ask Lil Bow Wow to break it down for you

So this song references the Dab, as well as the effects of its misunderstood popularity.

- Im sayin bye

cause we about to fly (high)

- On a rocket ship

bout to shoot through the sky (high).

{Hit the dab on dem hoes}

- And like winter im cold

stare at me and u may get froze.

- Blessings fallin like snow

work magic so good you know.

- Hit da dab on dem hoes

(dabbin on hoes)

- Hit the dab on dem hoes.

They rather see me dabbin on hoes.

(Work dat magic)
— Magic
magic okaino squidward dab




The beat for "Dabbin On Hoes"was produced by STE Muzik. I was working with him from the middle of summer through the end of the 2015 year. I tried to put together a project in the style of New Orleans bounce music. This didn't come to full fruition, but great progress was achieved. A lot of kinks have to get worked out as expected with trying new styles, or trying to do anything new really. I had no idea how difficult it would be to make N.O. bounce music as well as find people to work with that could help me achieve my ideas. I found out that the way I was trying to go about making/recording records isn't in the normal/regular workflow for the majority producers/DJs who make N.O. bounce music. 

STE Muzik did however take on the challenge, and I'm extremely grateful and thankful for that. The reason I mention all of this is because the Dab On ‘Em song is me singing over an altered bounce beat STE Muzik produced. If you listen close you can still hear the triggaman sample lightly as well as the drum patterns commonly found in bounce music on the song. I just went full R&B over it which I thought was different and fresh, and seemed right when I was doing it.


The song itself goes along pretty simply with the “Freezing In Hell” theme. This song is about a cold Dab referring to the dance as well as a low temperature dab. The reason I’m actually singing the song though is because as an artist, or as a person really, there are many things you could aspire to do or be, but anything you want to do or be has to be solely for you; only to please yourself, never anyone else. Anytime you get that confused you got it twisted. 

Of course whatever it is you are trying to achieve can be shared, but very few people will appreciate it and you shouldn’t have this expectation for anyone. This goes as well with creating art, trying to change the world, or even trying to save the world. You’ll receive more attention going with the popular thing, which right now, is dabbin on ‘em one time. The song’s message is that I could work magic but you would rather see me Dab on ‘em.

As for the cover art for the single "Dabbin On Hoes (Dab On ‘Em)", it’s a collaboration through art that has well been overdue! Obray Cowan did the artwork; I just call him O.C. In fact, I've never actually called him Obray...ever...

Anyways, he is truly one of my brothers from another mother, as well as one of my former classmates in college. I definitely credit him hugely in part as one of the 2 forces while I was in school with helping me reshape and understand art. He taught me how to retain the values you hold in your craft when you perform in your craft.

In general, there are different types of artists obviously... Some are transparent in style while others have styles they work in. As long as you aren’t mimicking something, I would consider one of these your unique style, and this goes for any craft.

In a nutshell I learned this from O.C. by simply watching him work.  O.C. is a very creative artist and has a very dope and unique style as well! He is also a tattoo artist with his own tattoo shop right now which is pretty cool too!  


An issue for an artist who may not have transparent/multifaceted styles is they have to be sure of themselves. They need to be confident as well as accepting that they live and die through creation with their style. For artists who have their own style it’s very important to embrace the style you have. It’s also very important to embrace the ideas you have even if other people don’t approve. It’s you. With a unique style, sometimes it won’t be received well because it’s different. But if it’s what you naturally do I believe that’s what you should be doing. The strategy is really about how can you create flawlessly and endlessly using the style you possess. I don’t believe an artist should ever compromise or conform their style for any person or reason other than if that’s the choice the artist wishes to make.

In a nutshell I learned this from O.C. by simply watching him work.    O.C. is a very creative artist and has a very dope and unique style as well! He is also a tattoo artist with his own tattoo shop right now which is pretty cool too!  

This picture came about over a simple afternoon phone call, which took less than 5 minutes. I asked him if he knew what dabbin was, and he said of course! So then I told him the idea I had for the picture which involved the cold Dab, with some magic in the picture and sent him the song. He sketched up the picture and had everything sent to me later that night.

okaino riri

In conclusion for this post, here is my last thought... Ideas begin in the mind, and when you create through what ever channel you choose, they outwardly appear. This is the reason why songs can be created without actually being physically written at all. It’s also the reason why a picture that doesn’t exist can be made with only an idea, and turned into reality on paper. And that is Magic.



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