Bliss Of Satisfaction

Bliss Of Satisfaction

The song "Bliss of Satisfaction" takes the approach, and is strictly from the perspective of being satisfied, and dealing or coming in contact with unfulfilled/unsatisfied/unhappy people. This also plays into the "Freezing In Hell" theme as well from the aspect of chillin', coolin', or positively relaxing, keeping your couth, etc.

Out To You (Cheers To Do)

Okaino Cheers To Do Cover

The "Out To You" record was originally called "Cheers To Do". It was first created for the "Fall In Love With Horrible Love Songs" project, however I ended up not using it because the project turned out to be longer than I had intended. Cutting songs from a project is a very common situation in the post production process. The way I see it, out of all the problems that occur during the entire recording process, it’s a very good problem to have too many songs for a project.

One of the reasons I decided to cut "Cheers To Do" from its original record was that I saw that it could fit in other scenarios. Some of the other songs I had wouldn't have worked on other projects.

- Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

We got cheers to do!

- And Cheers! Cheers! this from me to you.

And Cheers! Cheers! We got cheers to do.

- Cheers! Cheers!

This one goes out you!

- I know you think about it now that its all said it done.

You with number two cause you always knew I’m the one.

- Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

We got cheers to do.

- And Cheers! Cheers!

This round goes out to you!
— Magic



About 5 months later, when I began to form the "Most Improved Player" project, I found a role for “Cheers To Do” and ended up remodifying it to fit this record. The theme of “Most Improved Player” is centered around baseball, which I will tie in with the end of this post.


To remodify “Cheers To Do”, I basically gutted the whole song outside of the hook/chorus part. It previously consisted of 2 rap verses over a good portion of the song. At the time, the way these verses were composed didn't go well with how I envisioned the “Most Improved Player” project. I felt they kind of “boxed” the song in.

With any style of writing there's only so much you can actually express. In songwriting, for example, there's very little you can actually say in song format without overloading the songs. I didn't want that to happen here so I took on other methods and went about recording the song. What I was left with was a more open-to-interpretation version of how the first record was set up.


okaino cheers to do no place like home

I re-recorded “Cheers To Do” in a single take, more as a freestyle, and it became "Out To You" which went more with the baseball theme I was going for on the "Most Improved Player" project. The beat used is a cover of the song "Fool For You" by CeeLo Green and Melonie Fiona, and it’s about celebration and being in the joy of the moment. It’s also a toast; it has a very classy elegant type of feel to it.

So, back to baseball. Baseball has a few unique celebrations to the sport. Out of all the major sports, it has the biggest team celebrations; solo celebrations do occur but are very minimal. Walk Off Hits/Homeruns have dugout clearing celebrations as well as a pitcher throwing a no hitter/perfect game. The king of the baseball celebrations are the champagne celebrations which occur when a team reaches the playoffs, after each round advanced in the playoffs, and of course if you win the World Series. So in the playoffs 4-5 separate celebrations can occur if you win the World Series (5 is only if a team advances in the playoffs from a wild card spot).

cheers to do walk off in greatness

DJ KSin Interview


DJ KSin Interview

OkainoHow long have you been DJing?

KSin: Since 98' but more into the internet aspects and professional side since 05'.

OkainoWhat got you into DJing?

KSin: DJ Screw did at first, then DJ Dolby D (UGK's DJ) who is well known in the area, is who really got me into the dj artform.

Okaino: How would you describe your approach to spinnin records? 

KSin: My approach is more or less described as "calculated procrastination on a creative mindframe".



Okaino: What/who are your musical influences?

KSin: I'm influenced musically through all genres of music, but mainly rap influenced me early. Alot of west coast rap, but that's from DJ Screw who through his art put me on those artists. Artists like Ice Cube, Spice 1, Too Short. Also East Coast, artists like Mobb Deep, Biggie, Method Man. Southern music is always a go to me musically though, artists like U.G.K., Outkast, MJG & Eightball, ESG, Lil Keke, are always gonna be on a playlist of mines.

Okaino: How would you describe chopped and screwed music (you can drop the history of screwed music here if you want.)

KSin: I would describe it nothing less than an artform. It's simple to outsiders, but very complex to OG screwheads. I've been on the genre since 94' and at first I thought it was a joke, but it grew on me quick. Being from Lake Charles, Louisiana we were closer to Texas and heavily influenced by the culture.

Okaino: What is the difference between your Slowed N Throwed Remixes and Chopped and Screwed music? 

KSin: Nothing. It what you call it, most people name it things other than Screwed just out of respect for DJ Screw, but no matter if its Slowed N Throwed, Chopped Not Slopped, Slowed N Sliced, its all the same and as long as you pay homage to the Originator its all good IMO

Okaino: In your opinion what is the best magicizaproblem/magic okaino project youve worked on so far? why? (if possible to answer)

KSin: All Magic projects have been different in there own way, some more creative than others, and some more flow than others. If I had to pick I would say MOTF2

Okaino: Name me 5 albums that still haven't got old to you.

KSin: DJ Screw - All Work, No Play
Lil Keke - The Commission

Eminem - Marshall Mathers

Kanye West - The College Dropout

ESG - Shinin' & Grindin'

Okaino: Whats your latest project (mention the strategy you used with ig names and what you were trying to accomplish)

KSin: My latest solo project was #Slowvember4, I did a tape for just indie artists.

Tagging them on IG is something i started last year, I feel like its a great platform for networking and most people will have an instagram before a twitter. 

Okaino: Where can people reach you at?

KSin: Folks can reach me on social media, or just by my email

Facebook: Kendrick DJKSin Sinegal

Twitter: @djksin

Instagram: @djksin

Snapchat: ksinna

Also check my website out

Okaino: Extra question what does art mean to you?

KSin: Art, in my opinion, means "expression". Meaning that any expression or outward feelings that you as a person, express to the world or other people is art. Simple things like the way you tie your shoes and someone notices it, or things like a painting, drawing, or music are all art. The way a person speaks is art. Life is art.


DJ KSin Slovemeber 4

DJ KSin Slovemeber 4